Emma Scott

Emma Scott

Celebrating Modest Fashion

The Telegraph

A response to the ever prevalent debate around modest fashion with an intelligent, bold and striking fashion film.

Garments that were once considered conservative have given way to a host of cool, cosmopolitan designs that recognise the needs and values of a new generation of Muslim women. In this film, we speak to the designers and influencers who are presenting modest-inspired clothing such as the hijab, the abaya, the burka and the burkini in a new and exciting light.

Director –  Emma Scott
Graphic FX & Design –  Emma Scott
DOP –  Phil Derham & Ben Ridolfi
Producer –  Rose Enright
Editor –  David Abramsky
Hair & make-up, stylist and wardrobe –  Aywa, Humaira Waza, Shaarqa Ali & WAHA
Assistant –  Melissa Schneider
Colourist –  William Read
Sound mixer –  luis Issermann