Emma Scott

Emma Scott

Making of the paper


A journey through the various stages of the printing process of the Telegraph; a ballet of machinery and paper. 

The newsprint process of the Telegraph is an incredible feat of engineering, design and efficiency that makes use of state of the art facilities. The Broxbourne facility alone covers the size of 23 Wembley football pitches and has a print capacity of one million newspapers every hour. Seeing this process first-hand is incredible. The sheer volume of the space alone takes your breath away along with the maze of conveyor belts that carries papers across the room with the utmost intricacy and precision; it’s a marvel to watch. 

Directors –  Emma Scott & David Abramsky
DOP –  Evangelos Polychronopolous
Producer –  Carla De Nicola
Steadycam Op  –  Motionhead Charlie Rizek
Colourist –  MPC Phillip Louis Hambi
Focus  –  Jake J Gerrard